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June 2024

We are finally out of the May gray but June gloom is here. Oh well! I hope you will still experience the sunny weather in your hearts and in your dispositions. This, too, will pass and hopefully, we will experience a great summer season. Our Stated Meeting on June 5 th is slated to be a “first” in a long, long time! During our dinner portion, we will be honoring the Masonic Youth Orders in San Diego County. We have not done this in a very long time! We will have representatives from DeMolay International, the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls, and Job’s Daughters International. We hope to have representatives from the numerous Chapters, Assemblies, and Bethels from San Diego County attend. We hope that you can also
attend and show your support for our Youth Orders. Please make your reservations
through this website or by calling the office.


We  just finished hosting the Annual Philippine Independence Day celebration and fundraiser benefitting our own RiteCare Childhood Language Center. It was a fun evening with great food, great entertainment, and great camaraderie plus a large number of items in the silent auction. All the proceeds will benefit the children that come to our CLC for speech therapy!

Last month we completed our first Spring Class Reunion in the new building with over 20 new members joining us. In addition, we had some candidates from the Valley of Bakersfield join us as part of the class. On June 12th , we will have our New Members Orientation. Please attend and welcome these new members to our midst. Please call to office for dinner reservations.

Please pass on this information to other members. If you have any questions, please contact the office via phone or email.

NOTE:  As a member, if you have not been receiving emails from Scottish Rite and wish to do so, please provide us with your latest email address by calling the office.



JoJo Quimpo, 33°

General Secretary

Scottish Rite Valley of San Diego

(619) 293-4888

The Scottish Rite Center

Enjoy some photos of the Scottish Rite Center as it came to life over years of planning and construction. We will add more as each room is furnished and begins to fulfill its purpose.

We expect this building to serve the San Diego Masonic community for a very long time.

Law Enforcement Night July 10, 2024

Our annual Law Enforcement Night is a big favorite in the law enforcement community and among the Scottish Rite members. We love to honor the people who keep us safe and protect the people we love.


We invite all the law enforcement agencies in San Diego county. Each agency nominates an outstanding officer who has served their department above and beyond expectations.

One of these exceptional officers will be chosen as the Law Enforcement Officer of the year. The stories are fascinating. They teach us about ordinary people who do extraordinary things to protect and serve.


Please make a reservation today for a great evening!

Be a Perfect Donor

Learn more about the Perfect Donor Program and how you can make a difference in the life of a child

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 June Stated Meeting
June 5th at the
Scottish Rite Center

6:00 PM 
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