Scottish Rite Building Update

By now you know that approximately 30,000 square feet is affected by water damage. The areas are the Library, the RiteCare Language Center office and therapy rooms, the upper and lower concourse, all individual lodge rooms, the lodge offices, hallways, banguet rooms, and even the Ranch Events office and kitchen. The most heartbeaking is the huge parquet floor in the Corinthian Room.

So far, water cleanup and drying is complete. Hazmat crews have completed a major portion of the hazardous material abatement work. There is more to be done in the next couple of weeks.


The bottom two feet of all damaged walls have been removed. Unfortunately, entire walls of the lodge offices and other offices have been removed. The floor in the Corinthian room is gone. Ultimately all these areas will be down to bare concrete before restoration can begin.

The good news is that we are well-insured. Restoration will proceed in due time, and we will be able to meet once again while we wait for the new building construction. Meanwhile, you can monitor the progress of the restoration here.
JoJo Quimpo, 33°
General Secretary
Scottish Rite Valley of San Diego
(619) 293-4888

2021 Honour Recipients
All degrees will be conferred in Oakland on September 11, 2021.

Plan to attend and congratulate these new Honourmen from the  Valley of San Diego
33°, Inspector General Honorary, Elect
Nathaniel Michael “Chino” Torres
32°, Knight Commander of the Court of Honour, Elect
David Fairchild Bean
32°, Knight Commander of the Court of Honour, Elect Robert Leon Dockery
33 - Sovereign Grand Inspector General Eagle.png