December 2022

December is the month when we feature the RiteCare Childhood Language Center of San Diego. That is the official new name of our clinic that echoes the naming convention adopted by the California Scottish Rite Foundation. Come to the Stated Meeting on December 7 to see the results of the work Tina and her staff do every day. The kids are guaranteed to charm you, and Santa will arrive just in time to distribute gifts to them. Notice the redesigned logo and the consolidated web site for all California clinics.

The Traitor play was a great success with close to 200 attendees. Thank you to Keith Meeker, the Director, for all his hard work organizing the cast and crew. Thanks to everyone in the cast and to every crew member who contributed to the quality of this fine history lesson. It was easy to see their commitment to excellence. Everyone was great!

This year the Scottish Rite Event Center will be closed December 23 - 26 and December 30 - January 2. May your holidays be filled with things you love to do, family traditions, and many blessings of the season.

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JoJo Quimpo, 33°

General Secretary

Scottish Rite Valley of San Diego

(619) 293-4888


The Traitor Play was a resounding success enjoyed by almost 200 guests.

The cast (left to right):

Bro. Charles Crook, 32°

Ill. JoJo Quimpo, 33°

Hon. David Rathgeber, 32°, KCCH

Hon. Jim Achenback, 32°, KCCH

Bro. Ezequiel Sanchez, 32°

Hon. Robert Dockery, 32°, KCCH

Bro. Michael Thibodeaux, 32°

Ill. Keith Meeker, 33°

Bro. Matt McColm, 32°

Hon. Chris Quimpo, 32°, KCCH

Hon. Lowell Mercer, 32°, KCCH

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December Stated Meeting
RiteCare Childhood Language Center
Wednesday, December 7th
6:00 PM 
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