Philippines Independence Day

Each year Scottish Rite members of Filipino ancestry sponsor a fun-filled evening to honor one of the famous Masonic heroes of the Philippines and the rich Masonic heritage they bring to the Valley of San Diego today. 

The Philippines Independence Day celebration is also a fund raiser for the San Diego RiteCare® Childhood Language Center. There are opportunities to take home Filipino artifacts, Masonic items, arts and crafts, and tickets for special adventures. 

We celebrate this annual event on the first Saturday of June. Won't you join us next time?

You can make an online reservation today, or you can purchase tickets directly for the event by contacting one of the following members:

Oscar Merto 619.773.5329

Rod Cuevas 619.944.9743

Ralph Laserna 619.889.9507

Randy Rojas 818.282.0699

Jess Centillas 619.906.9960

Ralph Banci 619.436.7055

Ato Estrada 619.208.2509

Manny Filoteo 619.200.7940

Jack Evangelio 858.736.5225

Charlie Abayan 760.672.6571

Patrick Carreon 703.473.2361

Phil Pineda 619.861.9771