August 2022

A lot of Masonic organizations usually designate the summer months, particularly August, as “dark” months. It provides the members time to spend with their families, go on vacation, and enjoy other relaxing pursuits. However, here at San Diego Scottish Rite, we are still busy as ever.

The August Stated Meeting Dinner is the time we honor the recipients of our San Diego Scottish Rite Community Foundation Scholarship. This year we honor seven outstanding high-school seniors by giving them scholarships. We hope that we will be able to help them achieve their future academic and career goals.


The work on the new Scottish Rite building is moving along. The big machines have been hard at work, and we will soon have the parking lot where our new building will stand completely graded. The Groundbreaking Ceremony is scheduled for Thursday, August 4 th . We hope to have present, Councilmember Raul Campillo, who represents our District 7, Mission Valley and our SGIG, Illustrious Frank Loui, who will be flying in from San Francisco.

We are also co-sponsoring an educational evening with Narbeh Bagdasarian, PM, who will be here on Wednesday, August 24 th , at 7:00 PM. He will be giving us an informative presentation on Masonry During the Nazi Regime. Worshipful Bagdasarian is a member of Glendale Lodge No. 368 and was our Grand Bible Bearer in 2019-2020. This event is open to your friends and family. More....

Another event that you should plan for is the third SGIG Advisory Conference of 2022. This event will be held on August 31st, 2022, at the Scottish Rite Masonic Center. We will be meeting at 6:00 pm for dinner at the Golden Eagle Room and then go into our breakout sessions afterwards. Again, reservations are necessary so we can plan accordingly. The cost is $10.00. Please call the office or use this website to make reservations.

NOTE:  As a member, if you have not been receiving emails from Scottish Rite and wish to do so, please provide us with your latest email address by calling the office.

Please stay safe and healthy.


JoJo Quimpo, 33°

General Secretary

Scottish Rite Valley of San Diego

(619) 293-4888


At the end of the Revolutionary war, George Washington was a national hero. Benedict Arnold, also a general in the war, had aligned with the British.  Many of Washington's advisors were Masons. These men were guided by their Masonic principles. The play describes Benedict Arnold's dream, his betrayal, and his search for forgiveness from his Masonic brethren.

Don't miss this dramatic presentation about an important period of our American and Masonic history. You won't be disappointed.

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November 18

Dinner at 6pm

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Price: $20

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