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Covid-19 Cancellations


Exemplification of the 15th Degree

July 29th, 2020

Once again we need to ask for your patience as we navigate the unknown waters of a pandemic. Each month we think, “Just another month…”  
If you follow the local, state, and national news, you know that the pandemic is not winding down. It is escalating.
We cannot, in good conscience, open our doors to our resident lodges, affiliated men and ladies groups, and even to normal commercial event business. If one person brings the virus in, or unknowingly contracts it under our roof, there is no justification for the consequences.
The Grand Master and the Sovereign Grand Inspector General in California both consider the health and well-being of Masons and their families to be the highest priority. Our RiteCare Childhood Language Center clients are being served by virtual (online) meetings with their speech pathologist to protect their health.
Each of us must follow the CDC guidelines to ensure we preserve our good health. Opening the Scottish Rite Masonic Center will happen only when the governor, health officials, and our leadership announce that we can safely do so. Therefore, we must remain closed at least for the month of July. We have to reevaluate where we are each month. Hopefully, we can reopen in August.
Until we see you again, watch out for one another, read your monthly bulletin or visit our website for the latest news.


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